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"Helping People Through All Stages of Their Lives"

Whether you are looking for a home or selling one. Let me guide you smoothly through your next transaction. I am a hands-on realtor who helps people through all stages of their lives. 

Using my personal and professional experience, you need someone who understands what you are going through. I specialize in selling and buying homes especially the most difficult and complex real estate transactions like foreclosures, short sales, probate and divorces that’s in addition to the normal real estate’s transaction.


Buying or Selling Your Home

As a realtor I can guide you through the process and find your perfect buyer or new home for you.

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Short Sales

When a borrower is no longer in a position to make the mortgage payments, is facing foreclosure and the current market value of the property is less than the loan on the property, the borrower may consider a short sale. This is a complicated and complex process with multiple parties that all must agree on specific terms to satisfy the loan amount.

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In the passing of a loved one, often assets are left for the family to deal with. Handling an estate can be overwhelming both emotionally and physically. As a Probate Trust Specialist, I have helped clients locally and out of state make those decisions of what to with the home. I will answer your real estate questions and guide you through selling a home. I am committed to sell the home for the highest dollar in the shortest amount of time to reduce the stress of the administrator, executor, or trustee.

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Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)

By partnering with a SRES® like me during your new home search, you'll gain the help and expertise of a realtor specialized in meeting the needs of home buyers and sellers 50 plus.

I have both the education and real estate experience to serve as your trusted advisor through the unique financial and lifestyle transitions involved in relocating or selling your family home.

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Foreclosure is the legal process or procedure lenders use when borrower’s default on the loan to terminate a mortgagor or trustor’s ownership rights to real property. This is a very long and detailed legal procedure that must be followed precisely.

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